About me

Lenon Leite,

First some important items,
Technology lover, Software Engineer and Research Security.
Developer more 10 years with many languages how .NET, Python, Ruby but with passion special by PHP ( Zend / Laravel / Symfony / CMS ) <3.
Free software developer, creator system how PHP octopus and PHP Avenger, tools for offencive security and others libs for security all write with PHP.
Special affection by CMS with Joomla, Drupal and meu dear <3 WordPress <3.

Graduate in System Information Security by ICESP / Brasília DF
Pos-graduate in Software Engineer by UPIS / Brasília DF

Worked in :
EBC ( Brazilian Company Comunication )
SSP -DF ( Secretary of Public Security of Brasília )

Integer Consulting ( Lisbon –  Portugal )

Currently I am Software Engineer in Lisbon / Portugal.


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